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Offroad ATVs, Quads and more

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Where the pavement ends, the offroad action just begins

Polaris Outlaw Hill ClimbThe insane rush you get flying around a high speed corner, almost completely sideways in a fully controlled slide. It is truly a moving experience. You can guarantee that you'll never look at a gravel or dirt road the same way, ever again.

Mountain Climbing on Steroids

You don't have to be a mountain climber to climb mountains anymore. Polaris Sports Rock Climb Modern ATVs (All Terrain Vehicle) & dirtbikes will have you scaling mountains with confidence. Why limit yourself to just a single mountain? How about 3 or 4? You'll likely stop counting while you soak in the great outdoors.

Free-for-All, Fun-for-All

You along with your buddies? Why not the whole family? Every kind of ride you're looking for can be had with today's offroad vehicles. For the young to the old and everyone in between. Take a passenger on a Can-am or Polaris ATV, even two passengers in a Polaris RANGER UTV (Utility Vehicle). Maybe offroad speed sports on an Aprilia SXV or RXV supermotard is more your thing.
ATV Family Recreation California's unique landscape offers a free-for-all in terrains. Perfect rides can be had for enthusiasts and recreational riders alike. For instance, from the Bay Area you can find:
  • Rolling Hills
  • Mountains
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Sand Dunes at the Beach or Desert
  • OHV Riding Parks
  • Dirt Race Tracks
...and usually within a single-day's drive. Typically free of charge, you'll be amazed at how much state park land is open for offroad vehicle use. The Lake Tahoe area of the Rocky mountains is a perfect example of a place where you can experience it all. From gravel roads to hard-packed dirt trails, sand, dust, rocks, river crossings, seasonal snow. Not to mention camping, hunting & fishing.
Whatever you want, you will find.
There's even lodging where you can ride your ATV or dirtbike right up to your doorstep.

Make Work Suck Less

Dependable and stronger than an ox, there are ATVs & UTVs that can help out with all kinds of tasks. And with all the bonus time you'll save, you'll likely want to take extra vacations with 'em too. Whether you need a push or tow-behind mower, snowplow, tank-sprayer or a power-lift cargo bed. You'll be impressed by the vast range of modern ATV & UTV accessories available. Ranger UTV Backyard

We're Stoked!

See for yourself why California Speed-Sports is so thrilled to offer you the very best in ATVs, RANGERs, dirtbikes, supermotards and dual-purpose motorcycles.

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