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Aprilia RSV 4 R

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Make Model
Aprilia RSV 4R


Liquid cooled, four stroke, longitudinal 65° V four , DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder

Bore x Stroke 78 x 52,3 mm
Compression Ratio 13.0:1

Variable height intake trumpets. Airbox with aerodynamic side intakes. 4 throttle bodes, 8 injectors, ride-by-wire fuel management. Multimapping

Ignition / Starting
Electronic digital ignition integrated in the fuel management system. / electric
Exhaust 4 into 2 into 1. Lambda probe oxygen sensor. Single lateral silencer. Integrated exhaust valve and catalytic converter. (Euro 3.)
Lubrication Wet sump. Two pumps (lubrication and cooling). Oil cooler.
Clutch Cassette type.

Max Power
180 hp 132 KW @ 12500 rpm

Max Torque
115 Nm @ 10000 rpm

Transmission / Drive
6 Speed / chain

Aluminium dual spar frame with cast and pressed elements. Sachs steering damper

Front Suspension

Upside-down Showa fork with  43 mm stanchions. Aluminium radial calliper mounts. Completely adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping. 120mm Wheel travel.

Rear Suspension

Double braced aluminium swingarm; mixed low thickness and sheet casting technology. Sachs piggy back monoshock with completely adjustable: spring preload, wheelbase, hydraulic compression and rebound damping. APS progressive linkage. 130mm wheel travel.

Front Brakes
2x 320mm lightweight stainless steel floating discs, Brembo monobloc radial calipers with 4 opposed pistons. Sintered pads. Radial master cylinder. Metal braided brake line.

Rear Brakes
Single 220 mm disc. Brembo floating caliper with 2 insulated pistons. Sintered pads. Master cylinder with integral reservoir. Metal braided brake line.

Front Tyre
120/70 ZR17

Rear Tyre
190/55 ZR17
Seat Height 845 mm

184 Kg

Fuel Capacity (res)
17 Litres

Aprilia have announced the 2010 RSV4 R, a cheaper version of the RSV4 Factory. Instead of Öhlins suspension, the RSV4 R gets a Showa fork and Sachs shock, its 60-degree V4 makes do with aluminium parts instead of the Factory’s magnesium bits, and the chassis isn’t adjustable for swingarm pivot point, steering head angle and engine position.

The significantly cheaper RSV4 R’s Showa/Sachs suspension is fully adjustable and the engine still produces 180bhp (though we suspect it may not be able to rev as high and/or as quickly as the RSV4 Factory’s engine). Also, with its ride-by-wire electronics, the bike still has three ride modes – Race, Sport and Road – for optimised power delivery for whatever conditions you might encounter.

Plastic instead of carbonfibre trim, aluminium instead of forged magnesium wheels and a bit more weight the R weighs 184kg, about five kilos more than the Factory

Aprilia RSV4 R brings the technology and unique character of the V4 that redefined sports performance on the track within the reach of all enthusiasts. With the advent of the R version, the Aprilia RSV4 - the bike that took the world by storm and set new standards for sports performance, both on the road and on the circuits of the SBK World Championship - is now accessible to an even broader group of enthusiasts.

RSV4 R maintains the same features that make the Aprilia RSV4 project so unique: the narrow 180 hp V4 engine, Ride-by-Wire integrated electronic management, dual injectors, race bred frame and suspension and extreme compactness.

Christened by Max Biaggi, the Aprilia RSV4 R is the latest product of the project that has brought Aprilia back to the pinnacle of the motorcycle world, both on the world's circuits and on the road.

A revolutionary project - starting from a blank piece of paper and drawing from the marque's unparalleled success on the racetrack - that led to the inception of the RSV4 SBK, the bike that Biaggi rode straight to victory in the World Superbike Championship, and a production bike which, in its Factory guise dedicated to circuit racing professionals, redefined the limits for the supersports genre.

Aprilia now presents the RSV4 R, a bike born from the same project in a new, more accessible guise, conceived to bring this fantastic machine within reach of expert riders who want to experience its technological supremacy.

To offer you the same sensations as you carve a perfect line from apex to apex that Max Biaggi experiences on the track in the World Superbike Championship, the Aprilia RSV4 R maintains all the features that make the superbike project so unique:

• COMPACTNESS: Minimised dimensions and weight, a 65° V4 engine as narrow as a twin, a chassis architecture defined around the engine and an effective but essential fairing.

• ENGINE PERFORMANCE: Class leading power, the torque of a twin, combined with the smooth power delivery and flexibility of a four cylinder, and dual injectors per cylinder. Technical and architectural solutions worthy of a genuine race prototype.

• ELECTRONICS: Second generation Ride by Wire with multiple maps (track, sport and road).

• CHASSIS ARCHITECTURE: Class beating solutions true to Aprilia traditions. The aluminium frame is built around the engine for maximum effectiveness both on the track and on the road. Suspension is completely adjustable.

• ITALIAN DESIGN: The unique style of the RSV4 R is the product of a painstaking design process and was conceived and developed in Aprilia's own design centre. The styling solutions enhance the bike's class beating compactness, which is further emphasised by the spectacular, ultra-short tail fairing.

For those who can live with Showa/Sachs (instead of Öhlins) suspension, aluminium (instead of magnesium) components, plastic (instead of carbonfibre) parts in the bodywork, and a non-adjustable chassis (instead of one that allows you to change the swingarm’s pivot point, steering head angle and even the engine position…), the Aprilia RSV4 R is probably a brilliant deal. You still get the same sharp styling, the same 180bhp V4 engine, and the same ride-by-wire electronics as the higher-spec RSV4 Factory, but at a price that’s about 25% lower.

MotorBox recently had the opportunity to test ride the RSV4 R at the Estoril circuit, in Portugal, and here are some excerpts from what they have to say about the bike:

Aprilia aim to sell around 2,000 units of the RSV4 in Europe in 2010, so launching a ‘cheaper’ version of the RSV4 Factory was probably a must, in order to achieve those sales figures. And for Aprilia fans who want a bike that can work on the track as well as on the street, the RSV4 R is just great, because it still retains most of the best bits of the Factory version.

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