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Suzuki VZR1800

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In 2006, Suzuki made good on their promise to dealers and to customers alike, with the launch of their all-new flagship model, the Boulevard M109R. (The R refers to Suzuki’s racing heritage and GSX-R line of performances bikes).

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is an incredible combination of cruiser styling and renowned Suzuki power and handling. By injecting the Boulevard M109R with a potent shot of race-proven technology developed for the championship-winning GSX-R sport bikes, Suzuki has literally redefined the concept of a cruiser.

With its all-new 109-cubic-inch, fuel injected V-twin engine, the Boulevard M109R is the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced: massive torque all the way from idle to redline, which translates into acceleration and to reward every one of your senses, the big V-twin also produces a throaty, aggressive exhaust note designed to let the world know they’re looking at - and listing to - the hottest cruiser on the road.

For 2007, the Boulevard M109R receives a new cylinder head cover, secondary cover and the drive unit cover featured chromed metal construction for a high quality finish.

This is a very powerful and fun bike. The bike rides, handles, and looks more like a hyper-performance sport bike. Don’t get me wrong, I loved ridind this bike (fantastic brakes). This is a motorcycle for guys who want hype bike performance in a cruiser riding style. The M 109 R is for the new exploding market of high performance bikes built in a cruiser riding style. It will crush the Victory Hammer because it is a better bike at a much lower price. This bike will in no way compete with the air cooled Harley bikes or the S&S power customs because they are two very different types of rides and two different markets. This bike is a winner! I am so pleased to see someone finally produce a true performance bike I can ride without leg cramps! This baby runs and it will stop on a dime. There is no air cooled v-twin that will stay with this machine. I had no problem keeping up with (and passing) my hyper bike buddies. The only old school cruisers I’ve seen while riding this bike, were those in the mirror. I loved it.

otomotif purwokerto

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