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The Next Dimension in Open Road Riding ...the "Y" Factor

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Spyder 3 Wheelers

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Introducing the Can-Am Spyder Roadster

This three-wheel vehicle, with two wheels in the front and one in the rear, offers a completely new and stunning look.
    Can Am Spyder Med
  • Powered by a proven
  • 990cc V Twin engine designed and manufactured by BRP-Rotax, Spyder roadster, with its unique Y-architecture, can be described as part motorcycle and part convertible sports car.
  • A true paradigm shift, the Spyder roadster offers a
  • balance of performance and peace of mind with features like the Vehicle Stability System (VSS), engineered in conjunction with Bosch, which includes anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control systems
  • BRP's reputation was built on its ability to innovate and design products for powersports enthusiasts. After more than five years of research, the Can-Am Spyder roadster is now delivering on the company's promise to offer a complete line of recreational motorized products in four segments: on snow, on water, as well as both off and on road.

Not a Motorcycle

The Spyder feels like the fastest ATV you've ever ridden. Just turn the handlebars in the direction you want to go and let the tires do the rest. The Can-Am Spyder has electrically boosted power steering, so the steering effort is far less than you'd expect.
Like a motorcycle, you twist the handlebar-mounted throttle and go. Shift the sequential five-speed gearbox (complete with reverse gear) with your left foot, or you can choose the optional gearbox with electronic actuation. You operate the brake pedal with your right foot.
There's a surprising amount of cornering grip. The twin front tires are 165/65R14s, and they're controlled by upper and lower wishbones that offer 5.7 inches of travel. The drive tire is a 225/50R15, and the swing-arm and mono-shock also deliver 5.7 inches of travel.
The Spyder has a 68-inch wheelbase and a front track of 51.5 inches, plus it weighs 697 pounds (dry). You've got 106 horsepower to play with, and the broad power band of a V-Twin engine makes the Spyder very tractable.

The Ride Says It All

If you're afraid that the Spyder might skate out from underneath you, don't be. There's a carlike safety net of electronics to keep you on the road. It starts with antilock brakes and electronic brakeforce distribution. The Spyder also has Bosch stability control that cuts the throttle and applies the brakes to stop a slide, and it's calibrated for an anti-rollover function. There's even traction control.
We tried sliding the Spyder around on the gravel and discovered that you can't. And if you're thinking about defeating the stability control, there is no off switch.
The Spyder is fun on a winding road, it has great stability at speed and will reach in excess of 120 mph. It likes you to shift your body weight to help it find the right line in corners.

Because it's a three-wheeler, the Spyder will go around corners faster than you realize, and neither rain-swept pavement nor oily freeway ramps will ever hold the same terror they do when you're riding a two-wheeler. You're in the open air, yet there's a generous amount of room for two-up riding and a lockable trunk to bring along your stuff.

Three Wheelers

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