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Welcome to My Suzuki pages!

I'm not the guy in the picture

My name is Jarmo Haapamäki. I live in Hälleforsnäs, Sweden. I don't sell motorcycles and I don't have anything to do with the Suzuki Corporation. I just ride Suzuki myself.

I bought an '81 Suzuki GSX750E in July 2001. Its engine broke down after only few weeks and I decided to buy a new bike instead. I have a '02 Suzuki GSX1400 now (I'm not a rich guy, the money was loaned from a bank). This site was at first mostly about these two bikes, but there's now some stuff of hundreds of other Suzuki bikes and even some motorcycle related products. And it's growing...

There are over 700 different pages and thousands of photos on this site for the moment and there will be even more! If you bookmark this page and come by from time to time, you will notice that I'm a guy who wants to fill the Internet with everything about things that excite me. And Suzuki motorcycles thrill me right now so...

The ”Crazy Finn” they called me on one discussion group (I was born and raised in Finland). Maybe I am crazy, sitting in front of computer hour after hour, trying to build new pages about some currently uncovered Suzuki models... Yes, sometimes I get tired of it but most of the time is simply fun!

I get more and more detailed e-mail questions about Suzuki bikes - I am not a mechanic and I can't answer to that kind of questions. Also, I don't know the value of your motorcycle or where can find a certain type of bike. Please mail your question to My Suzuki Discussion Group instead. I see the questions as well and I will reply if I know the answer. But there are others on the mailing list that might know more! See even the FAQ page. .

And please consider buying my new CD. You can here mp3 samples from it here.

I hope you enjoy the visit!

otomotif purwokerto

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