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New Arai Chaser helmets for 2011

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2011 Arai Chaser helmetsThe Arai Chaser helmet range gets a couple of updates for 2011, including two new replica models: the Spencer Re-Style Black and Colin Legend White models. Both have been created by Aldo Drudi and are based on the Chaser-V Phil Read model. The external shell is made from fibreglass - light and durable - and they have the usual comfort characteristics of removable and washable cheek padding, pinlock visor and a polystyrene shell in different thicknesses.
The Chaser Spencer Re-Style Black is a homage to Freddie Spencer, as its name suggests, and it has black and grey graphics on a white background. The design is modern but is meant to reflect a historic replica. It comes in sizes from XS to XXL and costs about 513 euros in Europe. The Chaser Colin Legend White model also has new colours and will be available from early 2011.
Other updates in the range include the new Chaser-V model where “V stands for Ventilation, Visor and Visibility, intended to be the defining characteristics of this new helmet. It has larger front and rear ventilation points, also included at the neck and on the sides. The SAI visor is wider and can include Pinlock anti-fog points.
The interior lining and padding can be removed and can also be purchased in different thicknesses for better individual comfort. The points attaching the interior lining have been from the front of the helmet to the sides for a more comfortable wear and the external shell has been completely redesigned. It’s now made from Super Fibre Laminate construction for better durability. A large colour range is available and sizing comes in XS to XXL. A Phil Read replica is available, and the Chaser-V helmet costs about 629 euros. Go to the Arai site for more information.


otomotif purwokerto

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